Culture Chats BC Association is a not for profit community based association promoting cultural diversity through engagement with literary and other arts among local communities in BC. We are registered as a not for profit in BC

Culture Chats BC Association is a collaborative hub for local community members from all cultures to engage with, experience and enjoy literary and other arts in new and innovative ways.
Culture Chats plays a constructive role towards building inclusive, multicultural communities

Our mission is to create a platform for local community members to strengthen intercultural connections through innovative programming promoting literary and other arts.
– To build awareness, interest and participation of people from all cultures in literary arts and other arts whilst increasing community cohesion
– To offer opportunities for individuals from diverse backgrounds to develop their skills and interest in language and literary arts.
– To play a prominent role in offering innovative programs related to language, literacy and literary arts among local communities in BC

See an article about our first book club initiative in the local media

Our Well Wishers

“I participated in a few workshops organized by Asmita and Fiona in 2015 and 2016. They are lovely people to be with, and I think Culture Chats is doing very important work for intercultural understanding in the Burnaby neighbourhood. I wish them all the best on their future endeavours.”

Anna Seide, Culture Chats Workshop Participant


I started ‘Culture Chats’ to combine my love of language and literature with a desire to celebrate different cultures, to recognize what we may have in common despite our diverse backgrounds. My professional experience is in strategic planning, research and program management. My volunteering work with local non profits helps me to give and grow.

Asmita Lawrence

I bring experience in event management and working with volunteers. My strong professional background within the Nonprofit sector helps me to develop a vision for Culture Chats. I have a keen interest in training in multiculturalism, diversity and inclusion and working with adult immigrants. I enjoy facilitating the Book Club at the McGill Library in Burnaby.

Fiona Stevenson

I am interested in culture and arts. My professional experience is in technology and engineering. I have many years of experience with non profit organizations having served as treasurer in non profits and also chaired non profit associations. I would like to use technical and financial experience to help Culture Chats to offer well organized and professional programs

L Francois